Content Production: Physical Distance Over Social Distance

Lande Content Production

These days, communication is virtual, and we are encouraged to spread further apart from one another. Brands must get creative to cut through the massive content clutter. Let’s dive into solutions on any budget.

Clear communication with your content and beyond

The first step is to develop a goal. What are we trying to accomplish here? Whether you have all the pre-production ready or are not sure where to begin. We are here to help.

Initial thought starters:

  • Target Audience
  • Scripts / Storyboards
  • Shoot Location
  • Employees or on-camera talent 
  • Graphics 
  • Audio
  • Budget range
  • Timelines

Many details and variables arise in the production process. Fear not, we can handle everything and provide a shortlist of selects for approval. Keep in mind anything is possible, stylists, models, influencers, sets, permits, locations, drone clearance. We sweat the small stuff, so you don’t have to.  

Let’s discuss efficiencies of scale. Are you planning for an upcoming event and could use social clips to promote it? Can we pull various lifts from your newest culture video? Should we capture still photography while we are on-site? Proper planning and scheduling shooting a few elements can turn a single day of cost into a treasure trove of content. 

Content is prepped, what happens next?

We have a shoot day set. I am so excited! What can I expect on the shoot day? Have you ever heard the saying hurry up and wait? Our media team takes tremendous pride in creating the best possible product for you.

Let’s consider a food analogy here. Fast food serves a purpose, but it is not an ideal solution for healthy living. Sometimes you need to create a list, get the right ingredients, and cook a nice meal. Our team can handle the list, the shopping, and the cooking for you. Disclaimer we all can’t cook that well.

Expect our videographer to lead the charge on shoot day. They have a clear vision based on all the beneficial detail we established in the preparation process.  

The Post-Production Process

The footage has been ingested and archived we now divide and conquer. Graphics (GFX) may be building lower thirds, screen transitions, custom logo treatments, and effects while the story is taking shape in the edit suite. Typically, the story takes shape first, the script handles that but sometimes we capture interview content organically and allow the emotion and content experts from your team to help us drive the message home.

Once the story is set, we add in that beautiful b-roll for coverage and visual enhancement. This is often when our audio pal lends a hand. If a music track is added this sets the pace and energy for our edit. These tasks can be all completed by one editor or assembly-line style if time is of the essence. 

Once this process passes the LANDE internal focus group review, we send you your initial cut. The focus group is our quality-control practice allowing us to catch and vet possible mistakes before delivery. We are all human and mistakes happen, but we want the initial cut to be as close to the finished product as possible. This entire process is a dance and sometimes takes place alone but more often than not, it takes two participants (LANDE and your team) moving in unison to make the best product. 

Sound like a plan? 

You do not need all the answers to start. Remember we do this a lot and may have some best practices or creative advice to help you on your way. We are happy to begin the conversation at no cost or obligation to you. Remember all great projects start as an idea. We are here to help.