Why You Need a Digital Marketing Strategy

Lande Digital Marketing Strategy

As we all look forward to warmer weather and what Q2 has in store, growth is top of mind for most of us. Now more than ever, you need a strong digital marketing strategy to supplement your sales efforts and ensure accessibility for current and new customers. If you have not dedicated time and energy to your digital marketing strategy, you could be falling behind. Your customers are online right now, reading reviews and blogs, perusing social media, and buying products. These options just scratch the surface of opportunity for your brand. You need a digital marketing strategy, but why?

Digital Marketing Strategy Step One: Brand Awareness

Potential customers of all ages are present on social media. Establishing your brand as a thought leader while cutting through all the competition is not easy and it does not happen overnight. Strategy, scheduling, and content all play a part in brand recognition and awareness. In addition to social media, consumer research has never been more prevalent as the availability of data grows exponentially every day. If your brand is not visible through search, awareness may be difficult, and conversion greatly increases when your brand becomes top of mind for your industry. The end goal revolves around lead generation, customer engagement, and converting those leads into customers.  

Digital Marketing Strategy Step Two: Relationship Building

Why does the data matter? Potential customers are evaluating how trustworthy the product or brand is. Positive results from others mean a great deal in the conversion process. Depending on overall strategy face to face interaction or direct dialogue with consumers can be difficult. Your social media presence can help in this interaction. Comments, likes, and reshares will assist in how the marketplace views your brand and allow access to valuable insights on overall preferences and likability. Better intel assists in better decisions down the line and increases conversions.

Digital Marketing Strategy Step Three: Respond to Need

With digital marketing, you can quickly understand what trends or topics are popular. When targeting specific customer types this data is extremely important, we call this customer awareness. Customer awareness allows organic personalization almost like specific menu items at your favorite restaurant. Imagine if you sat down and were hungry for a salad and right at the top of the menu was a brand new salad your restaurant was offering. You would most likely order that item. This is the exact level of customer awareness digital marketing allows. We know our target customers find us through this channel, spend roughly this price point and give us feedback that the product is of solid value, but they want more style variety. What would you recommend for the next rollout? A seasonal item of the same quality and price but stylistically different. Now you can A/B test new campaigns and strategies for results.

Benefits of a Digital Marketing Strategy

A solid foundation in digital marketing strategy can help you reach new customers, engage your audience, and promote growth. Whether you are just beginning or planning for Q2 and beyond, we are here to help expand your digital presence and promote your brand. Contact us today to discuss your digital marketing needs.